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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You Can't Judge a Tree By Its Branches

These lovely trees in my front yard
Are not all that they seem.

Their autumn spree may light the eye;
Delighting as they gleam,

But do not climb their branches,
Or loaf beneath the leaves.
Do not relax against their bark
Or slumber, taking ZZees.

I've been below their reaching roots.
I've seen where they do dwell.
If you insist I will you show, 
But can't I simply tell?

The snake was in my basement dear.

And striking through my pipes.
It came out full of stinking roots.
The plumber too said "Yipes!"

"How did your toilet ever flow?"
Said he, and did he pity us!
Those lovely trees in my front yard,
Are what you call, insidious!


  1. Now that's what I call showing and not telling! Well done, and sorry about your root problem.

  2. Mike, we have so been there! I am not a tree hugger anymore. lol We have trees now, but not, I repeat, NOT close to the house. I am not fond of their messy fall habits and I am NOT fond of their spring spread-the-seeds habits either. They are nice to look at, from a distance!
    Great post!


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