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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall In Wisconsin: The Survivors

While driving just north of Gillette Wisconsin a few weeks ago, I noticed these harvest survivors huddling together out in a field.  Stricken by their forlorn condition, I stepped across the roadside ditch.  I did not set out to get involved that day, lest I sacrifice my professional objectivity, but like a good photo-journalist I was determined to take some great pictures.   Guess what:  Involved, I got!

While taking a picture of a group off to the west, I heard a shuffling, grassy sound, and then saw that this gang was moving down from the north end of the field!  When they finally noticed me standing there  they all suddenly stopped, and acted planted.   While I was rooting around their feet to convince myself that I actually did see them 'walking', the sheafy group with leaves all akimbo in the next picture (below left) was apparently stalking me.  They appeared from the south so suddenly that I jumped, but luckily pushed the shutter button and caught them in this gangsta pose.  I certainly felt threatened, but held my ground, and when I said something about hot oil and popcorn they all took off running to the west.  The next picture (below right) reveals that when they spread out and run fast, they appeared to be quite emaciated.

When I realized that one of them was hurt, I actually ran after to offer help (so much for my high journalistic intent to remain uninvolved).

This next photo (left) shows the injured one of course, but the final, enlarged shot, reveals so much more detail.

From right to left in the picture below you will see two adult stalks carrying their wounded or sickened row mate, while a third, probably a Doctor of Corn if the intelligent look on his leaves means anything, attends.  Two shorter, perhaps younger siblings are looking on sympathetically, but slumping in helplessness.  Heading quickly for the trees is the rest of the original group. Who can blame them for abandoning their friends?  For all they knew, I was Orville Redanbacher in the flesh!
By this time, I was no longer a reporter or photographer or anything but an enlightened fool.  I took some dramatic pictures of a once in a life time, unheard of agricultural phenomena, to be sure, but failed to switch my camera to video mode!  Any astute analysis of these still shots will certainly prove my claims about the events that day, but without a bona fide YouTube video posted, my credibility will forever remain in grave doubt!  At least I know that my followers will believe my story.........right guys?    Right?  Guys?  So much for popularity.


  1. *Snort*. Of course I believe you :-)

  2. Your credibility remains intact with me! Very very cool!

  3. Very clever. This is a fantastic post!


  4. How very brilliant and imaginative. I love it.


  5. You are so popular, I can hardly stand it! This is really funny, clever and unique! All things I associate with Mike!
    Great, great job.
    *giggling still*

  6. Thanks for the great comments everyone! (Where's the pizza?)

  7. Ahahaha...that was creative. :D

  8. Gangsta corn - yeah, it could happen. Thanks for the morning smile.

  9. Of course I believe you. You have a very honest face.

    *wondering if I'd buy a used car from that man*

  10. Always find at least a kernel of truth in your posts.



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