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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Classic IF/Then Statement Applied in Defining LOYALTY

George was almost exiled from our White Sox
family when he became a Cubs 'fan'!

IF devotion is given to someone thoroughly admired for their superior qualities and high achievement, and loyalty is given in spite of continuing shortfalls and disappointment, THEN the Chicago Cubs have not one devoted fan; but plenty of the severely loyal!


  1. I come from a whole family of White Sox fans, except for my Uncle Jim, who was die-hard Cubs all the way. Me? I don't give a fig about baseball, but I do adore the Bears, and am proud to count myself amongst their loyal, devoted fans. :O)

  2. I gave up on baseball a long time ago...after the Robin Yount/Rollie Fingers era. Now, I am more of a football fan. But I like your take on the subject! Great post! - Susan

  3. What's a white sox? he he he Cubbies rule and yeah, they do have loyal fans. Very educational Mr. Mike! And good for a smile from this Tiger fan! :)

  4. Very nice...a smile! Rangers fan here!

  5. P.S. Just nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. If you'd like to participate, pop on over. Bring chocolate.


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