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Friday, September 16, 2011

And There I Was A-Whining!

I was bummed to have lost the mysterious follower forty-seven earlier this month.  (I think someone died; what other reason could they have?  At least that's how I tried to comfort myself.)  But since then, somebody else took the 47 slot, and 48 and 49 have filled in as well!!  My Mother was wrong apparently, for my whining seems to have paid off superbly.

So who gets the hallowed 50 cent slot?
(Did I just promise to send 50 cents to my next follower? Uh-oh)

And there's an extra 50 cents for the person who can tell me which state I was in when I photographed this mountain range last winter!


  1. Well, I'm not number 50, but I'm going to guess Alaska!

  2. A fair guess Darlene, but I haven't been to Alaska in 20 years. We lived there for 9.

  3. I'm your 50th! But have no idea where you took the photo - Colorado maybe?
    And thanks for your suggestions for my title :-)

  4. Wowsers! I have a 50th follower. And not just anybody, but an accomplished authoress no less! Thanks for signing on Paula (I guess I should read one of your highly recommended books now eh?)!

    That was a good guess on the photo, but I must now confess that this was taken in Wisconsin, in a parking lot down the street. The 'mountain range' is just a bunch of dirty snow plowed up and dumped there to melt!


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