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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some Odes to My Grandaughter (Bet you didn't know you could pluralate Ode!)

There once was a girl name o' Lily.
Who made herself famously silly!
She danced like an elf,
Even all by herself,
Until Mom said that she was a dilly!

There once was a girl named Rakowski.
Who as-ked her Mom for the house key.
Mom said you should know,
That it's out in the snow,
Way up on the slopes where the cows ski!

And she can take her own picture too!
Lily is always so smiley!
(I think of her ever so highly!)
But more than her smarts,
Or her talent at arts
Is her love for both Danny and Miley!


  1. She got the biggest kick out of the second one! I like the last one best ;-) And I love your talent at writing limericks, Dad!

  2. Thanks Tor. That played out exactly as I

    I can't think of anything more delightful right now, than thinking that I made your Lily smile from here!

  3. I've heard grandkids described as true dividends. You don't have to do anything but enjoy.


  4. Just stopped by again to thank you for your pair of fun limericks in this week's Limerick-Off.

  5. full of tickles.
    pleasant limericks.

    welcome linking to our prompt this week, and share with our poets,

    your words inspire.


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