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Saturday, April 28, 2012

W is for WORSHIP

[This is the MILLERWRITES contribution to the 2012 Blogging A to Z April Challenge  Here is my INTRODUCTION to this particular series, and an opportunity for you to influence which alphabetically aligned weird words I will comment on this month.  THANK YOU for stopping by!]

Of all the spirits, entities, persons, aliens (aliens?), statues, rocks and Hollywood stars in the universe, there is only ONE worthy of true WORSHIP: Sorry Oprah, that would be GOD.  WORSHIP is the act of paying proper homage to the One True God.  We give all we have to Him, for we have nothing that did not come from Him.  He rescued every bit of us from a righteous judgment, so He deserves every bit of us.

Famed martyred missionary Jim Eliot said; "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."  We should give all.

If you are not deliberately WORSHIPING God, then you are probably inadvertently WORSHIPING something, or someone else.  Think about it for a minute, and if you're like me, your tendency is to spend most of your time and energy honoring, supplicating and giving all to...yourself!

Do we not cringe when we witness our kids ignoring others, dismissing we, the devoted sacrificial parents, and standing in front of the mirror?  I rest my case.

Or what about the guy who videos himself practicing with the WORSHIP band?  Ugh.

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