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Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Am the Stranger

            A home invader is usually a stranger right?  
                  In this case, the stranger is me!  

All day the female cardinal flew out of these bushes each time I walked by.  I was hoping to catch her in flight right away, but instead I found the nest, just like that!  THEN she flew away.

The two youn'uns thought I was bringing them worms, but you can see they quickly figured that I was not worth the gargantuan effort it must take to open those humongous beaks.


  1. Ohhh, this is so sweet. I think I have to play that video again, yep, yep, I do.

  2. I watched it 3 times! How precious! They knew immediately you were a stranger and up to no feeding. Drat. ♥

  3. Cool video. I bet you scared the crap out of them!


  4. Oh fuzzy wuzzy's ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

  5. Mike, these are wonderful pictures and what an excellent take on "the stranger." You could have at least dug up a couple of worms and deposited them into those cute little open beaks! :)

    1. What makes you think I didn't Linda? I didn't record the process of chewing them up and spitting them into their mouths though. Should I have?

  6. Great video, strangers don't usually take film, lol. Good slant on the topic.

  7. oh how cute. a nice take on the topic.

  8. How adorable! I can't believe you were able to get so close to them. Lucky they were in your bushes instead of in a tree.


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