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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Proverbs 31 Project: Commenting January 22nd on Proverbs 22:1-5

January 22;  Proverbs 22  Verses 1-5

[Please note: The first two paragraphs below are repeated each day for new readers.  My amateur comments are offered below the verses from Proverbs.]

Christians looking for a simple way to review the Bible regularly, have long been convenienced by the fact that the book of Proverbs has 31 chapters, the same number as most of our months.  Each chapter includes multiple bite-sized verses (uhm, proverbs) and can be read through simply in one sitting, one appropriately numbered chapter per day through the month.  A person might read through the Proverbs a chapter a day during any month, but why mess with your head (reading an extra chapter on one, two, or three days!) like that when there are 7 months every year perfectly suited for the endeavor?

My idea here is to reprint about 1/7 of the verses from each day's chapter throughout this year, every time a 31 day month pops up, and then offer a few comments from The Barking Owl.  So in January, we will get through the first few verses of every chapter and then in March, the next group, and so on, until December comes around and we can finally get to the last set of verses in each chapter and complete the book's reading.  If you are smarter than I am (is there any doubt?), you will read the whole chapter every day, every 31 day month, and then you will have read the whole book 7 times this year!  By then you are guaranteed to at least be wiser than The Barking Owl , though no one will ever match the wisdom of Solomon!

[All Bible passages are from the NIV, and are copied from]

Proverbs 22

1 A good name is more desirable than great riches;
   to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

1) What is the first thing on a tombstone and I don't mean pepperoni?  It's your name.  Certainly this is the first and foremost issue of your life; to be properly identified.  We talk about how and why someone might go to heaven all the time, but if all of that was in order, and you were not properly named at the gate, it would all be for naught!  But Sol brings this factor up another step with the simple adjective, good.  The right name is important, but if it is in the end, not a 'good' name, again, it is all for naught.  And the only way to have a good name is to have it written in "the Lamb's Book of Life".

2 Rich and poor have this in common:
   The LORD is the Maker of them all.

2) Americans always seek equality.  "Tax the rich and give their extra money to the poor!"  Trying to force an equality by tearing down the heights.  Let's instead recognize that all ARE equal where it counts.  Having the same things, or being treated the same way is not equality; but meaninglessness.  One who accepts the higher truth that "The LORD is the Maker of them all" would offer his extra resources to support his equals.  Another accepter would not claim rights to the property of another.

3 The prudent see danger and take refuge,
   but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

3) At least this system selects prudence as a continuing trait, and limits the perpetuity of the simple.

4 Humility is the fear of the LORD;
   its wages are riches and honor and life.

4) Compare this verse to Romans 6:23:  For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  I'd rather take the hard job of humility and earn its wages, than work for the slaver of sin, and die for my pay.  How about you?

5 In the paths of the wicked are snares and pitfalls,
   but those who would preserve their life stay far from them.

5) What is so attractive about the wicked path we work to follow so diligently?  I know the struggle.  I have been deceived into thinking that the snare filled lane is the happy way.  Lord, help me to follow YOUR narrow path, avoiding the pitfalls, till the end.

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