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Thursday, January 5, 2012

One of My Favorite Scientific Terms

I thought I should say a few words about dehydration synthesis.  I mean, maybe this isn't one of YOUR favorite scientific terms, as it is mine, so a little explanation might be in order after yesterdays WORDLESS WEDNESDAY post.  Somewhere back in grade school a very clever science teacher taught us this phrase, but more importantly, he gave a great illustration that brought it home and made it stick (no pun intended) with me all of these years.

Synthesis is joining.  Two things melding into one, you might say.  Dehydration is simply drying up, or drying out. Dehydration synthesis is when two things stick together by drying out.  The illustration?  Have you ever left the breakfast dishes on the counter too long?  It doesn't take long to reach 'too long' if there is egg yolk on the plate.  As that yellow goo dries out, it sticks to the plate like crazy glue!

Like sin.

As I was about to wash dishes the other day, I noticed the big spoon in the chili bowl that had been left way too long for an easy clean up. "This is going to take some serious re-hydration declension!" I thought.  And so naturally I took some pictures.

And I thought about how our sin just sticks and sticks and sticks to us.  We need to be washed in a spiritual way.  "What can wash away my sin?  Nothing but the blood of Jesus!"  I wrote about this once before, but we must look for an unworldly, supernatural answer to the problem, and we find it in the sacrificial offering of Jesus Christ.  Our guilt, and even our propensity to sin, was deliberately addressed by His work on the cross.  He came and died and rose again, to make all who receive His offer, clean.

Try and clean the old chili gunk out of that bowl with a knife or a rock or a self-esteem building book, or a pull yourself up by your own bootstraps attitude and you may just make some form of progress; but you'll be a worn out, scratched up, pride filled mess by the time you quit.  Instead, let His cleansing blood, His loving offer of peace and freedom through your humble acceptance, do its perfect work!

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