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Saturday, July 4, 2009

SO glad!

So GLAD to read about this motorcycle crash?
Yes, for yesterday I was driving up 90 north when I saw this conclave coming up behind me. I pulled into the right lane and slowed to about 73 to let them pass without the hassle of swerving traffic issues, and to study the group.
I've never driven one, so the whole motorcycle thing always fascinates me.
I wondered about who would lead etc, and I noticed they were in two nice straight lines, each on the outside of the same lane. There weren't any stragglers or any bikes outside the group.
In the lead (leftmost) was a single guy, and next came couple after couple. I was beginning to wonder about the association between motorcycles and large, bald, tatooed guys with girls when the scene shifted to skinny guys all alone on their bikes, and then single girls all following (chasing?) behind.
Of the couples, I noticed one girl on the back of a smallish bike with her guy, but with just enough room to sit tight and hold on tight. She seemed especially vulnerable to falling off the back and I began to pray for them all.
Total stranger yes, but I saw just another example of we people in our common human condition We try to make the most of life, but we are all 'vulnerable to falling off the back', as it were.
I prayed for their safety in general but within 3 or 4 minutes after they passed on, my attention was grabbed by sudden brake lights just ahead, and mostly black clad people, not in vehicles, rushing about on the highway where I could see between the stopping cars just in front of me.
I remember yelling out "God I just prayed for them!". They were going over 75 mph!
Then I didn't know what to do. I could see bikes in the median, and people rushing around. I looked around my car to see what I had to offer. Nothing. Some band-aids, but what would that do? After only about 3 or 4 minutes, a couple of the bikers started directing traffic around on the right shoulder. This seemed unusual but I went along. I thought I saw 4 or 5 bodies strewn across the lanes as I passed slowly by, stricken and gawky; one was just off the shoulder and it seemed he was totally covered in jackets. Just beyond, the 'surviving' riders were parked on both sides of the highway, standing, watching, and waiting for whatever tally would come. I drove slowly through their ranks and then I began to cry, and to cry out.

What do we get to do with such experiences? The emotion and the pain, even for the stranger such as myself, are too much to live with continually: we must move on. But we must not ignore, or stuff, the facts of life as they are. I think that for his, God gives us lament.
The freedom, the right, the privilege, even sometimes the duty, to cry out to Him and to declare our misery, or our miserable condition, as it sometimes is.
The book of Lamentations is our example for such situations. God wants us to live in the Truth, and acknowledging things as they are, whatever they are, is essential.

At first, I thought people were just hurt, but as time went on I convinced myself by what I had barely noticed, that several people must be dead. And in several phone calls, I said as much. Finally after about 10 hours passed I was able to find this report and discover that none had died, and only one was critically injured! Now, if that one wouldn't object, I will pray for him; for his recovery, for his family, and for his future.

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