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Saturday, July 18, 2009


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OK, question. IF REAL magic/sorcery existed... Could it, would it "save" the world? No more hunger, no more genecide, no more misery?

No, this question wasn't directly directed to me, but I thought I'd steal it and attempt a good answer. My nephew posed it on Facebook and most of the answers were some form of 'NO'.

My answer also was no, and I will explain.
First of all I would define 'real magic/sorcery'. The real part simply separates out the fictional. And if this question was inspired by the latest Harry Potter movie, then we all know what that's about. Mysterious powers using mind over matter; telekinesis, levitation, transmogrification (to borrow a term from Calvin and Hobbes), etc. We might enjoy seeing it portrayed with special effects technology in the movies, but then there are still claims of genuine sorcery out there. But how can it be? Where does it come from?

Even fictional magic must have an explanation behind it. Usually, however, the answers referred to in the books and movies are about the same as the ones given in real life: vague and mysterious. The 'underworld' or the 'dark side of the force' seem to get a lot of credit. The word occult itself means hidden doesn't it? So the mystery itself, it would seem, is intentional.

In my view, we live in a supernatural world. It was created by a being, God, who is above and beyond our everyday, 'natural' world. In fact, there is no ultimate 'natural' explanation for our existence or that of the solid objects around us other than that we and they were created 'ex nihilo', out of nothing, by a super (above) natural God. For that to happen, then, there must be some type of 'magic' or 'sorcery' if we define these as the ability to interfere with, or interrupt, the natural, physical laws we find so otherwise resolute. These powers are safe in God's hands.

When God intervenes in our world, it is always for our good, and usually in answer to a prayer made according to His preexisting good will. So if we see evidence of some good outcome where only bad was expected, or even already established, we call that a miracle, and we give God the positive credit. We don't call that magic, or sorcery, because it was God acting like Himself.

Magic can be defined as man's attempt at imposing a godlike power on a situation or circumstance but without the agreement or support of God. Rebellion against God, refusing to obey His simple instructions for our own good, is one thing. Usurping His authority and trying to control nature as if one were God, is quite another step down that dangerous road.

So what follows when a man tries to impose a supernatural effect where it doesn't belong? Bad things only can result. Just as when man attempts to impose an ungodly order on society through politics or tyranny, or when a man uses violence to take what he wants from his neighbor or wife, the sorcerer who hopes to overcome God's order with some form of 'power' will only end up producing suffering and calamity.

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