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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Do Not Swear

"Hey you _______  ________ _______!  I've never hit anybody in anger in my whole life, but I'm gonna come down there and beat the _______  ______ out of you!"  I don't swear, so no, I didn't ever say that.  But even these few years later, I sometimes wish I had, that beautiful winter day on Hwy 57.

I was minding my own business driving home from work on the aforementioned divided highway.  After a few days of heavy snowfall it was a pleasure to just cruise along on the now dry pavement, and with the sun shining bright and warm.  Before I even saw it coming a bright red sports car passed me-- and several other cars in my lane all going about 60--like we were standing still!  I was talking to my son on the phone at the time and told him about the jerk shooting along so close to the snow bank which was still crowding the traffic lanes along both shoulders.

The guy must have just hit that berm of snow on the left, because all of a sudden a huge cloud of snow erupted not too far ahead of me.  I saw a flash of red cross the lanes between cars and then an even bigger mass of powdery snow fly up beyond the right shoulder and nearly blocking the lowering sun.  I pulled over and walked up wondering how many mangled corpses I was about to see, but here was this guy sitting between the front seats of his crumpled car, and talking on the phone!  He yelled up to me and another guy, "Hey, did I ROLL?"  Distracted by the fact that he was alive, and by his nonchalance, I looked back and saw the "tracks" his car did in fact make after it left the highway.  He certainly did roll, or bounce, or maybe he bounded and leaped as far as I know, for at least 50 yards!

Apparently he was calling his mother for a ride or a tow, or maybe to arrange a brain transplant.  I was too stunned at the moment to know what I felt, but after I left, and just a few miles up the road I began to get very angry.  That idiot might have killed himself (which might have been good for the collective gene pool), but he may have killed the other guy that stopped to help him out.  He may have killed or maimed the other folks just going home or going out to eat or going shopping.  But most importantly, he may have killed my Lily's and Danny's and Elaina's and Araya's future Grandfather to be!

I wish now that I knew who he was or where he lived so that I could go and let the SOB errant driver know how angry I am still today.

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  1. Dude, let it go! You know that by now, certainly God has gotten your revenge. Breathe in and breathe out slowly. Feel your toes relax then your ankles now your continue until your whole body is completely relaxed and your mind is clear. Breathe and sleep.

    There. My work here is done.

    Now I'm gonna go pray for that idiot!

    1. Thanks Jo. I feel so relaxed, but now I can't walk!


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