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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Strange, But True

You know how sometimes you overhear just part of a conversation, like a piece of a sentence, or maybe a few intermittent words but with a critical, clarifying, word missing?  Maybe you were just leaving a room, in a terrible hurry, and couldn't go back to say "WHAT happened?".  Or stepping into or out of the train when the doors closed and, from just on the other side you heard everything but what was obviously about to be a shocking objective clause!  I recently observed some of, but not the most important parts of, the tragic story of a family of five.

The Dad was called Red (probably for the typical obvious reason) but I don't even know his partner's name.  Between the two of them, they were raising three young ones in a quaint little home near Lake Winnebago.  I did some work there last week and noticed how protective the parents were.  They did not want anyone even near their precious babies, which is probably a good thing.   But later, when the parents were busy and I went by the kid's room, two of them seemed very hungry and looked at me as if I should give them something to eat, while another seemed to have given up and just lay in his bed.

What can a guy do?  We're supposed to respect the parental rights of others, and not interfere in their business right?.  But sometimes you need to say something to somebody, to find out what's going on and see that babies and toddlers are not hurt.  But then again, you don't want to cause a lot of trouble for an innocent family, especially if you don't really know what you think you know.  This was my dilemma and I hope you can sympathize now before you hear the rest of, what I think, was some kind of a tragedy.

I was back in their neighborhood yesterday and decided to make an unscheduled visit at Red's home.  With some lame excuse ready, I went right in through the fence out front, and found the whole place in a shambles!  No protective parent (overly or otherwise) was in sight.  No little ones, hungry and eager, or quiet and lethargic, were around.  It seemed like an earthquake or something had hit their little home and knocked it right off the foundation, but there were no emergency vehicles in sight, or neighbors gathered across the street to point and gossip.  There was nothing about it on the news last night.  Completely at a loss for any explanation, I was, and still am, stunned and dismayed at the sudden disappearance of the entire family of five.

In just a few days, the scene changed from this... this...

and then to this!

I think it was a cat.

You might want to check out the related video here.

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  1. Stoopid cat! Or owl or raccoon or whatever! Dang it. :(

  2. You had me going. Red indeed!


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