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Thursday, June 30, 2011

MillerPredicts! or, MillerLobbys!

Just in case next week's theme for the Group Blog Experience: 2 happens to be "Percy Faith and his orchestra playing A Summer Place", I will be getting the first poster award!  This is my all time favorite piece of music!  (Haven't I already admitted to being a simple guy?)

This live recording by the orchestra  on some kind of rough sound stage and with a real audience may not be the best version out there (in fact it seems to play a little too fast) but it is extra enjoyable for me to see the violin bows running up and down, the fingers plucking the strings, and the french horns in action.   I hope you like it too!  I even like it more than I like blue jay music!
BTW, if "Percy Faith and his orchestra playing A Summer Place" is NOT next weeks theme assignment,


  1. This song reminds me of Animal House.


  2. Joyce; you're going to have to explain that one! I must be missing SOMEthing.

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