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Friday, April 7, 2017


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As if there will be anything like human interactions in hell! Anything like sexual fulfillment or even the unseemly and incommodious satisfaction of a conjugal visit! No. I do not believe there will be sexual pleasure in hell. Simply because sex is one of God's greatest ideas and one of his best gifts. None of which will exist in hell.

Mankind's perversions of sex, however, will abound. Shall I provide a list? Or do they readily spring to mind? They can all be broken down and recognized as evil spirits, I think, and these will thrive and infest hell. I do not mean to refer to "evil spirits" in hell which are actual demons. They will be suffering their own dire fates and not be gaining any satisfaction as tormenters. But I mean something far worse. The spirit by which one's sin is exercised and directed. For example, we talk about an element of our society called "rape culture." That brutal spirit of thievery and abuse; of overwhelming with raw power. That spirit will thrive and teem in hell. 

There is a spirit of adultery. We know the violation as a grievous affront to one's marriage partner by one partner having sexual relations with someone else (Prohibited by a wise God in the 7th Commandment). Jesus taught that this technical definition did not really cover what God had in mind when he gave the prohibition. He said that if someone even looked at another with lust in his heart he was guilty of adultery. If a guy "would if he could," then he was in violation. (What wife doesn't recognize and agree with this truism?) 

FORNICATION, though it does not violate any human marriage vows, stands as a trespass to the 7th (Do not commit adultery) Command because in the spirit of the order, is a message to us regarding the special nature of our sexual privilege. This gift is not meant to be spent recklessly nor selfishly. It is to be revered and reserved for that time and for that one person we are ready to commit to. In this sense, a transgression of such a commitment can occur either before or after the wedding.

But the infringement on God's plan of singular devotion will certainly play out and be extremely exacerbated in hell! Who in hell, who has already proven they have no allegiance or attachment to their creator, will care to hold fidelity to any other entity? People in hell do not become loyal followers of Satan, if for no other reason, than because "loyalty" or "fealty" represent another of God's good things that simply can not appear in hell. 

No. There will be no gathering or "partying with friends" in hell, where no hint of friendship and no taste of fellowship or camaraderie will ever appear. Only a constant effort to dissociate from God and instead to bond with any other spirit (FORNICATION) will futilely occupy each soul in hell forever.

Exodus 20:14 You shall not commit adultery.

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