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Saturday, February 11, 2012


So there are some things that simply should not upset us so very much!  But then, there are.  Jeremiah was called "The weeping prophet".  God called him to tell Israel how upset God was about the nation's disobedience, and he did so.  But when they refused to listen; when they continued in their own ways of self-destruction; even to the point where Jerusalem fell into its enemy's hand, Jeremiah's heart broke.  This prophet not only spoke for God, but felt the agony God feels when we reject Him.  The book of Lamentations describes the grief.

If we reject God, He suffers the loss of our fellowship yes.  But it is we who must endure the greatest loss possible; a life, and an eternal life, without Him.


  1. i hear you, recently read padre pio's writings and it hit me so hard, shared with my children, my husband and they can't totally comprehend what transferred, but the seed is planted.

    He showed me, awoke this morning after a dream, deleted my ego...will remain "unknown" the shaking is deliverance, filling now of what is known to God, intimate altar restored. Agape on my friend

    3 days of darkness



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