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Saturday, March 18, 2017

A to Z Ideas

I just heard a radio preacher use a simple story from his boyhood to make an interesting explanation of a simple Biblical truth. It occurred to me that personal stories go a long way in purveying solid truths between people.And then I thought of the April A to Z Challenge.

Good preachers, teachers, and speakers of every kind start with the point they wish to make and then find or remember an appropriate story to convey the idea. Can this process be reversed? By MILLERWRITES? (Who else thinks so backward?)
Perhaps I could gather a bunch of simple, short, anecdotal stories from people, peer into them a little bit, and then find and describe the related Biblical truism. Because I believe that the Bible is wholly true and comes from the giver of all truth, I believe that every TRUE story out there will have a Biblical connection worth noting and considering.

The "A to Z Challenge" calls for participating bloggers to produce 26 posts (related somehow to the alphabet's 26 letters) during the month of April. I've made the commitment a few times over the past several years using mainly Bible related themes, although last year my effort petered out about halfway through the month. My personal favorite was a reverse-order month of May (2011) series where I introduced 26 (!) characters in a novel I was/am thinking about writing.

So. Do you have a brief but obscure and seemingly pointless tale to share with me that I can use? Try to tell a story from which you have not already gleaned an important lesson. That will be my job. I hope to demonstrate how the universal nature of God and His Kingdom relate even to the picayune trivia of our lives. If you care to pre-attach a letter of the alphabet, that will be fine (especially if you can incorporate the tricky hard-to-connect letters we A to Z bloggers dread!); but it is not necessary.

By way of example, the vignette I heard on the radio was about the day the Pastor got a brand new bicycle when he was 10 years old, when he was growing up in Scotland. He rode the bike way back to his old neighborhood to show his old friends and got caught in a heavy rainstorm. When he got to his friend's house they brought the treasured bike into the house, and even into the fancy parlor where all of the family's most precious furniture and keepsakes were kept in special reserve. That is, until the Mother came home!

If you would like to share something, write it out in the comment section below. Hopefully, I will get at least 26 contributions to think about before April first!

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