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Sunday, November 4, 2012

About the Coming Black Exodus from the Democratic Party

Should a penguin give up his tuxedo to come to your casual party?
Would you have a leopard remove his spots if they clashed with your furniture?
Could you expect a tree to exchange its leaves for feathers, under mere pressure to conform?

Should a Christian give up his Bible to support your political party?
Would you have a believer leave his doctrine at the door because you deemed it intolerant?
Could you expect a marriage to exchange its defining attribute for meaninglessness, under mere pressure to conform?

This is my simplistic attempt to rephrase the amazingly powerful statements of EW Jackson, on why Christians of all colors, shapes and sizes should leave the Democratic party "en mass".  I hope you watch this for yourself, and see why Christians and Jews, especially African Americans, should not tolerate what that party has done to them.

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  1. After the much for the "mass exodus".


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